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“Both my grandmothers died within about two weeks of each other. I had travel plans to go to Asia for a few weeks. Not long before I left, I got the news that my paternal grandmother had passed away. Of course, I was upset, but she had specified that she didn’t want a funeral and was an avid world traveller. I knew she wouldn’t approve if I cancelled my trip so I went. Every where I went, I imagined how much she would have enjoyed all the new places.

While I was in Taipei, I got the news that my maternal grandmother passed. I was totally shocked, having just lost my other grandmother; it was doubly hard. Circumstances were such that I could not get to France in time for her funeral, which was very upsetting to me also.

For years I could not mention either of my grandmothers without crying. Sometimes even now I still tear up. I think of them often and treasure the things they taught me: one taught me how to play solitaire and shuffle cards like a proper card dealer. My other grandmother taught me how to make real, French-style chocolate mousse.”


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