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Ali Evans

This photo was taken at the nursing home just after my father died in 2018.  As a family, we had all been sitting with him for two days as he lay in a coma after being transferred from the local hospital.   On the third day, it had snowed heavily and, being a photographer, I thought I would take the camera just to pass some time in case I wanted to get out for five minutes.  Sadly, that morning he passed away, and I missed him by about 12 minutes.  When I got to the nursing home, I was devastated, angry, and frustrated and so picked up the camera and wandered around the nursing home grounds to take photographs.  As I came round the back of the nursing home, the window where my dad still lay was open and, to my surprise, this photograph is of the roof just above his window.  I couldn’t quite believe it.  Apart from two birds on the top of the room, all the birds sat above my dad’s window.  This photograph has given me a lot of comfort.  Who knows if there is more to it or not, but it was certainly a sight to behold on that day!

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