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Hilary Glikas-Ruth

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Hilary Glikas-Ruth

Place of birth: Philadelphia , PA

Hilary Faith Glikas-Ruth born on May 15 1963 in Philadelphia PA, to John Glikas and Linda Goldstein- Glikas passed away on Friday November 10th 2017 at 6:41 am. She is survived by her husband Troy Ruth, her daughter Rebecca Ruth, Her mother Linda Glikas, her brothers Bruce and Adam Glikas, Her sister in law Cindy Glikas ,her niece Brayden Glikas and her extended family Carin and Emily Kaufman, Joey Ruth and Todd Hillegas. When Hilary was younger she worked in her father’s pizza shop and in later years she owned her own jewelry store called “Hug -A -Beads” She really enjoyed going to concerts and you could usually find her at Rocky’s Pizza (Her father’s shop) or The Spectrum. She also spent some of her time working with the Mentally Disabled. She graduated from North Penn High School in 1981, got married in 1993 and had a baby girl named Rebecca on August 21 1999. She enjoyed listening to music, watching music videos, being with her family and she liked playing games with her little buddy Joey (mentioned above) and she loved to talk. She would talk to anybody, and i mean everybody. She was a very giving and caring woman loved by everybody. If anybody needed anything she would do her best to make sure she helped them. She will be missed. We love you Hilary. Hilary Faith Glikas -Ruth 5/15/63-11/10/17

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