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We seem to live in a world where, after a death loss, we are often encouraged to move on and repress our feelings. Society urges us to sweep our grief under the rug. Yet, our instincts and internal compass might guide us toward a different path — where we allow ourselves to feel the raw emotions of grief.


The grieving journey is like navigating uncharted waters and is often accompanied by a sense of isolation. This isolation may feel overwhelming and amplified by the absence of that special person, perhaps your sibling, a confidant, or your dearest friend. Nothing can fill the void left by their death.


Although mechanisms like indulging in comfort foods or retail therapy may occasionally have their place, they cannot substitute for the authentic grieving process. We must honor that which we’re genuinely experiencing. It’s a crucial step that opens the door to healing. It’s essential to healthy post-bereavement care.


November marks Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month, a time to recognize the unique struggle that bereaved siblings face. If you have lost a sibling, we understand. We’ve heard countless stories where support ushers in for newly bereaved parents, leaving surviving siblings to feel as though their loss is less significant, further isolating a surviving sibling into feeling alone.


This month is a poignant reminder that even in our most isolated moments, there are communities that understand and empathize with the impact of a sibling’s death.


During Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month, let’s unite, reach out, and lift each other in the shared journey of healing and remembrance. No one should walk this path alone. Together, we can navigate the stormy seas of sorrow, find solace in each other’s stories, cherish the memories of our person, and begin to heal one step at a time, even when others don’t understand.


As you navigate your grief, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. The HealGrief® & AMF community embodies the spirit of empathy and togetherness and is here for you, offering a safe and supportive space to share your experiences and feelings. Many have found in us a community that understands the profound depths of grief, embracing each other through shared experiences and supporting one another in the healing journey. In addition to other relational groups offered, HealGrief offers sibling loss groups, too.


Take this invitation to reach out and extend a comforting hand, letting someone grieving a sibling’s death know that they’re not alone. Amidst the pain, there’s solace in knowing that we are not alone in this profound journey of grief.


In a world that often seems fast-paced and detached, it’s heartwarming to know that there are communities that provide the warmth of connection in times of grief.

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