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Gerry Goffin

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Gerry Goffin

Place of birth: Brooklyn, NY

Gerry was one of the greatest lyricists of all time. He had a profound impact on the world. His words expressed what so many people were feeling but didn’t know how to say.

Gerry was a good man and a dynamic force, whose words and creative influence will resonate for generations to come.

He will be missed by all!

3 Responses

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    Deetjens Big sur Inn

    Our dear friend will be missed, their is no words for the feeling of Jerry's passing. I love you Michelle. Your friends from Deetjens, Our prayers are with you..........doris

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    His Words Touched a Generation

    Gerry, we will truly miss you. You shared and blessed us with your talent for writing some of the most moving lyrics of the rock and roll era. You and Carole were a major part in giving so many artists a leg up in the business with your songs. Your memory will always live on in those recordings. Thank you. Go with God.

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    Cannot imagine our youth without Gerry and other greats from Tbe Bill Building

    Each time I play and array of songs such as Oh No Not My Baby by Maxime Brown or lesser known Goffin compositions such as The Sad Gyspy interpreted by Jose Feliciano I remind my whomever may be closeby that this great song was one of so many penned by the great Gerry Goffin. This being said, today I cannot believe the deep sorrow I am experiencing after learning of Gerry's passing. This has hit me straight to the heart; and perhaps for quite selfish reasons, Gerry Goffin was a huge part of my mystical youth, his words expressed the joy and heartache which I felt then and fortunately continued to experience all these years later. I never wish to see the day when I do not feel a certain flutter in my heart upon hearing songs such as Crying in The Rain. My warmest thoughts are with Gerry's family and loved ones including of course Ms Carole King. You have added so much colour to our lives; the sixties would have been so very sterile without you.


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