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Elaine Prochnow 7/20/2013

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Elaine Prochnow 7/20/2013

Place of birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My mom was the most caring person I know, She would give everything she had to help her family. She also loved to have fun and do things with the family Holidays were her favorite she always had the whole house decorated up so pretty and made sure there was enough food for an army so we all had something to take home. My mom wasn't only my mother she was my best friend to we were very close. That's what make's her death so hard on me I loved her so much as I do my Dad so I hope he stays with me along long time. We all love and miss you mom until we join you. We love you and are thinking of you all the time and every day. Love your Daughter Debbie

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    Elaine the wonderful women. and happy women.

    she was caring and thoughtful mom Debbie you had caring and always happy and fun to be with. I always liked her she was a wonderful women. sorry for your lost she was great women and carrying like you Debbie you take care of your self to ok i love you to .and take care of your Dad now ok. tell him sorry for his lost for me ok.


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