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Dorondo Marcel Adams Jr.

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Dorondo Marcel Adams Jr.

Place of birth: San Francisco General Hospital

Our son Dorondo Marcel Adams Jr. would’ve been mine & Dorondo Sr. first child together but unfortunately when we got to 24 weeks (5 1/2 months) we were informed by four doctors ( 2 OBGYN and 2 High Risk doctors), that we needed to make a difficult decision with our pregnancy and also our son. The reason of this difficult decision is that our son had cyst forming on his kidneys which was not letting him make his urine. And since his kidneys were not functioning properly by making urine (amniotic fluid) his lungs also were not developing properly either. And so the two options they gave Dorondo Sr. and myself was I could carry our son full term but since his kidneys  and his lungs were not developing properly and we only had approximately 3 more months remaining, but once I delivered our son would take one breath and he would pass away no matter what, and the doctors highly recommended for us to terminate by doing an early delivery and at least be on the safe side for both our son and also myself, and after thinking seriously about what decision to make  we decided to deliver  early and bring our son home   with us.

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