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David Bauer

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David Bauer

Place of birth: Akron, OHio

David William Bauer, 78, passed away on January 16, 2021 in Peachtree, GA, 12 years after suffering a massive stroke. He retired from his career as a computer programmer and Web instructor. 

Born on March 27, 1942 in Akron, OH, David attended the University of Akron where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.   He graduated with an MS in Mechanical Engineering. 

He worked in sales at IBM, in Akron, OH before moving to Dallas, TX to work as a computer programmer at GTE.   Shortly there after he launched his own business, Computer Systems of Dallas.

Survived by his wife of  54 years, Marilyn Bauer, three children, daughter Kim Elliott (Russ), of Arlington, TX, sons, Keith (Linda) of Jupiter, TX and Kevin of Satellite Beach, FL.; and four grandchildren, Peyton, Gage, Blake and Ally, David will also be missed by his best friend Dave Thomas.

2 Responses

  • David Thomas On

    Early memories -Dave and I delivered newspapers for the Akron Beacon Journal from 9th grade all through high school. I actually wasn’t “the” paperboy. Dave Bauer owned the route and I was his helper. Dave cleared about $18 per week and he paid me $3.50 (This was a raise from $2.50 after two years). I may not have been the most conscientious paperboy in the Beacon Journal annals, but Dave was. We had 110 customers on two streets. Dave would deliver on one side and I would take the other. Since there were sidewalks on both streets, we would have paper throwing contests every day. We would fold the paper and stand on the sidewalk and try to land the paper on the porch of the house. Sometimes the paper would bang against the door or bounce off a railing, but as long as it stayed on the porch, you had a score. I would throw a snowball or a rotten apple in the summer to distract Dave when he was about to throw his paper and he would return the favor. If the paper landed in the bushes and Dave didn’t see it, there was no need to bring it to his attention. I consistently won the contest!

  • Kim Bauer On

    My first memory was of my Dad. The sailboat we were in sank and he was holding me up in the water until a boat came by. This is symbolic of how he supported me throughout my life. He was an incredible Father and will be missed.


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