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Conrad and Princeton Costa

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Conrad and Princeton Costa

Place of birth: Riverside Community Hospital

Their precious little ones gone too soon. The most pure and beautiful part of Brittanie and Shane have gone to heaven. We are asking for your continued love and support to push their dreams, love, and fears to comfort. Their tragedy of two miracles gone through the journey of IVF to 35 weeks inside their beautiful mothers body.On 1/6/2016 Brittanie and Shane posted the hardest challenge some of us will ever face is having to ask for help. They shared their most intimate details on how they were able to have biological children through IVF. She stated “our dreams of building a family were crushed.” After the countless appointments and persistence to make their dreams come true, they did- Princeton and Conrad.The greatest gift of being a mother was given to Brit and in an instance her dreams were crushed when God took her boys to be with him. In a few short weeks, Princeton and Conrad were coming home due November 4, 2016. On October 14, they found out their babies died from twin to twin transfusion which could have been prevented.Now we sit here by their side trying to rebuild the family they have always wanted and deserve. Many supported Brit and Shane through their IVF process and as her family member I was able to see how grateful and humble they were to be blessed with any amount they were given. They are faced with numerous medical expenses(some still from the IVF) and now the process of sending their beautiful angels to their resting place. We are pulling together to remember these beautiful baby boys for a lifetime and ask you to continue your blessing to the mother and father who have lost a part of themselves.The entire community has reached out on what they can do. The greatest gift would be to help them lay their babies to rest as no parent should have to do, help pay their medical bills from extensive 2-3 times a week doctors appointments the entire the pregnancy, hospital bills and if anything is left over will be a gift of life for them to start their journey on creating a new life via IVF when they are ready.

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