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Cissy Chaix

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Cissy Chaix

Place of birth: alexandria

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Cissy Allison Chaix
Cissy after her maternal grandmother Mary nicknamed “Sis”, and Great grandmother Cecile, and after paternal grandmother Mary Alice

She was born into this world December 14 1982 and laid her head down to rest eternally September 16 2014 peacefully in her sleep

Cissy Chaix was, and is, very special which she had no problems announcing it to the world. She was definitely daddy’s lil girl and knew how to remind anyone of that.

Being a baby sister was a big job. She was great at being the life of the party, annoying friends and family gracefully, making us laugh, turning a negative into a positive.

As a young girl Cissy and I had funtimes, rather we were making mud pies for mom and mama to buy, a lemonade stand, selling fruit from our fruit trees or cutting my buddy and pj sparkles hair, to playing house or doctor.

Into our school years we had a lot of the same Friends and became rebellious with each other, followed by a make up , followed by more rebellion.. Cissy often confided in her older brother Trinity for protection and guidance and support, she loved cats ,especially Savior, and our lots of laughs dog, Baby, which slept with her every nite. Cissy was once hurt playing baseball and Baby had to be removed because he wouldn’t leave her side and allow medics to care for her. While in the hospital her first request was to see Baby, and for her glasses, “just bring him to the window so I can see him she requested. Cissy didn’t know she was 5 stories up from ground level, but when she made it home Baby was waiting and got lots of loving in return.

No matter what we went through as brothers and sisters ,in our family, we always in the end knew that we loved each other and settled our differences.

Words that often described Cissy: ditsy, blonde, very blonde, smart, sassy, genuine , bull-headed, determined, brave , strong, opinionated.

Nicknames included: pooh bear, noopie, noopie bear, cissy pooh,sis, and short lived but memorable “meatball ”

She was the cool aunt, looked up to by her many nephews and even more by her nieces . They wanted to dress like Cissy, talk like Cissy and have their “bling” like Cissy. Cissy was all about her makeup, her hair , and her outfit.

When I was sick she visited and made sure big brother knew he was loved, she sent money she didn’t have to give so brother would have the meds he needed to feel better. She in her most recent years has learned to cook like a Cajun , along ways from the days of her hamburger helper and burnt pizza days of young 20 somethings. She made great boudin.

Cissys strong suits didn’t include driving , often nieces and nephews lost bikes if left in the path of her car , other items that were targets for her car was the poor picket fence, farm equipment, and sometimes business signs.

Cissy leaves out hearts tender, broken, sorrowful . But for every tearful thought I think, it’s followed by a story of laughter or of joy about Cissy and the lives she touched here on earth.

Her kids were her angels on earth. Sebastian her protector, and her “lil” man. Renzie a constant living legacy of Cissy’s lively personality, prissiness , the sway of her hips, and her hand on her hips, her pose everybody knew was unique to Cissy.

Peaches and Brutus her dogs were her life and loved by her kids cissy deserved to be happy and loves life rather good or bad was happening

Some funniest of moments I remember where her questions: , why is the grass green, the sky blue? Her thinking the water company sent hot and cold water,and that what the rest of us know as a water heater, was what brought the propane to heat the stove. My favorite prank to pull on her was to pull up at Burger King and order a Big Mac from her at drive thru. She would look outside to see if she could see who was ordering and then say “sir, we don’t serve big macs here, I think they sell them at the McDonalds down the street though .

Cissy , my baby sister my friend , my rock , I’m sorry for our bad times and grateful for our good ones. I thank you for your encouragement when I wanted to give up. You’re with your favorite big brother now and our lives forever changed without your physical presence. As renzie told me and granny yesterday “look at mommy, y’all see mommy?” Where renzie we asked? ” Right there up in the sky, I see mommy, she’s looking down and she’s smiling “, “guess who’s with her gran and uncle Mikey! ” Who we asked “baby Jesus. ”

Thank God for you being in a world eternally free of sadness , pain, worry and hurt. Thank god you’re a guardian angel watching down on us, guiding your kids through life, as well as your parents, brothers, and sisters. We need you to carry us for a bit while we grieve your loss , and lift us back up so we can celebrate the blessings your life here with us has left.

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