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Cayden Rylan Cruz Pasillas

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Cayden Rylan Cruz Pasillas

Place of birth: Cincinnati,Ohio

Religious affiliation: Other

Cayden Rylan Cruz was a very special,precious,sweet,loving, 3 year old baby boy..He loved to run,jump,play,color,paint, and draw.Cayden’s favorite show was Yo Gabba Gabba.He also loved to watch Blues Clues,Dora The Explorer,and Go Diego Go.He was Mommy and Daddy’s heart,soul,world.He was Mommy and Daddy’s everything.Mommy would sing his favorite songs to him all the time,You Are My Sunshine,Hush Little Baby,Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,Old McDonald Had A Farm.This Little Light Of Mine.Mommy read him books everynight before he would go to sleep.His favorites was Goodnight Moon and Heaven is for real.Cayden loved to play with toy cars and trucks,and he liked to hide them underneath the couch.He loved to dance,He would dance with mommy.He would also put on cute little shows for mommy,daddy,and his family.He loved to dance in front of the mirror,and watch himself.he loved to go to the zoo,amusement parks,walks with Mommy and Daddy,parks.Cayden love to jump up and down in his bed.He was Mommy and Daddy’s sweet,precious,loving angel.We will miss, love, and cherish him all the days of our life.Cayden we love and miss you more than words can ever describe.

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  • Michelle Johns On

    Cayden loved and absoultly adored his Aunt Rachel so very much.he did love playing with Aunt Rachel's feet.I think it's because Aunt Rachel used to lift him up in the air with her feet.I would give anything to be able to watch Yo Gabba Gabba with him one more time as well.I actually loved watching it with him,I loved watching him laugh while he was watching the show.

  • On

    Cay -Cay

    Cayden was my favorite little man. Everytime I would come to visit he would put the biggest smile on my face. For some reason he loved playing with my feet. I remember watching so much yo gabba gabba, and I would have done anything to watch something else, but now I wish I could sit with cayden and watch yo gabba gabba forever. He would dance and you knew if he wanted you to dance with him because he would take your hand and make you get up. I remember holding hi. Until he fell asleep and I never wanted to out him in his bed. I would love just sitting there holding cayden while he slept. I wish I could hold him so tight again,because I would never let go. I miss you so much cayden. I never knew I could hurt so bad. I remember your little laugh,it was the cutest thing ever. I would do anything just to see you laugh again. I hope your in heaven laughing with the angels right now. I miss you so much Cay-Cay. I love you to the moon and back. Love Aunt Rachel.


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