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Bobbie Dawn Franklin

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Bobbie Dawn Franklin

Place of birth: Rock Springs, Wy

Religious affiliation: Protestant

Bobbie is my oldest daughter. I use to pray when she was young that she would do something wrong so I would know she was human. She was human and she had her faults, but she was someone who would give all that she had to someone to make a difference in their lives. She loved her family and wanted nothing but the best for all her family. She was a department manager, raising her daughter, Krista, and carrying a ful load in college. Then she started a business, so we could be healthy. She was so busy she didn’t realize she was in trouble health wise. She was also pg with a son. He died with her. She was so proud to be giving a son to our little family. I had three daughters and they each had a daughter, so she just knew it was a boy and it was. We talked about names, she wanted to name him after her dad, I told her we don’t need two Robert Charles Franklin’s hanging around, but why not Robert Chance Franklin. She loved it. It was a miracle she got pg. So when the cornor ask me if I wanted to name the baby, I named him Robert Chance Franklin.
Bobbie was my friend, confidant and truly beautiful inside and out. I miss her.

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