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Bernie Doria

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Bernie Doria

Place of birth: San Bernardino County, CA

Religious affiliation: Christian

Bernie came to us from the Devore animal shelter.  He was found in a ragged condition and the shelter had to do quite a bit of clean up and give quite a bit of attention to him to make him comfortable until his new parents (us) arrived. We had rushed to the shelter, after having heard that they had three rescued poodles in their kennels.  It was love at first sight for Terri but I, being the practical one in the family, was not too sure that this ragged little guy was the right choice for us.  When Terri picked him up and held Bernie, he laid his head upon her shoulder and the love affair began.  I could not walk away from the shelter without committing to take this loving animal home.  Over the next thirteen years, Bernie proved to be the loving dog that he appeared to be on the first day we met.  He constantly showed his appreciation of the love we showed him by giving us ten times the love in return.  What a wonderful dog Bernie was.  We could not have asked for a better family dog and we think we shall never find another love like his.  Bernie made our house alive.  He had a spot in every room and the  heartbreak of his passing is almost unbearable.  Goodbye Bernie.  We love you and we are so lucky to have had you in our life. 

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