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Barbara Dawn Hallett

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Barbara Dawn Hallett

Place of birth: Benton AK

Religious affiliation: Catholic

My Mother Barbara Hallett passed away at 9:23am December 6th a Saturday Morning She will be miss beyond any measure of this world. She had a unique dynamic spirit like no other, Loving, beautiful, charismatic, determined, head strong, silly, off beat sense of humor, not everyone got the joke at times, a bit cynical and critical. BUT UNDER ALL THE Dust WAS A HEART! I was fortunately blessed to be her daughter, best friend and yes at times we were worst enemies. But once you got past all of that My Mother Loved deep I mean Loved from her core, the depths of her heart was endless. So if she was hurt it went deep as well. She lived with a lot of hurt throughout this life, CHOICES her own and ours, which made it hard for her to share with those she loved the JOY of an open heart. Each of us got glimmers of it “but not one GOT it all” that was her safety net her Protection. She could be hurt quite easy at times, her defense was to hurt back. but that is ok. “She was WHO she was”. Loving her meant you had to be tough for all the rough edges. Overlook the broken edges, and cherish the moments and time.
She was a Woman that if you where honored enough to really get to know her you would NEVER FORGET HER. She is in the loving hands of Jesus, We were blessed to know and love her.

I Love you Mom with everything I am or ever will be. Thank you for being my “Bright Spot” in this world.

She is SURVIVED by Her Eldest Daughter Pamela L. Hinkle, her two adult children Kip Halcomb and Amani Alajou Of Irvine, CA and Barbara’s Younger Daughter (ME) Daphawn “Renee” Wilson, my two Natural adult children Nicole D. Wilson and Travis Wilson-Guerrero as well as my adopted son Ben Nunez all of Riverside CA
Other Family Members Joyce Ivins Companion for 30 years she made a promise and kept it. no matter misery you both put each other through. and Renee’s Ex-husband Bobby L. Guerrero. WE divorced him 16 years ago but we all were still family.

My Mothers lifetime friends for Many years, Braxton, Carol, Rita, Patty, John, Maria (Carman), Edith, Linda and so many more.

We were Privileged to have been in her life and her in ours to share Memories that no one can Steal. It was very hard to watch you breakdown piece by piece, each day but I was with you. She was my treasure and my hero in so many ways, I admired the tinacty and spirit she forged through her life with her hearing disability she refused to be defined by, raised two daughters without Fathers, assisted with her Grandchildren. Behind the Walls was Secrets she held I read her journal she was a Scared, confused, misdirected, misunderstood. Woman. She had been beaten down by her own inability to put a value on herself far beyond money or things. Or to believe that she had the quality to be truly loved. I loved you Mother with a True pure heart without judgments of your reasons. Even in the times we were apart (which were few) my love was never self-serving, just me putting a stop to the drama. I accepted all of you. May not have agreed, but we agreed to disagree… All she ever wanted was Loyalty, Love and security in both. Which I am sure I failed her, so may in the name of Jesus Christ have mercy on us both. I Pray in Gods loving care his love has filled the emptiness that this world never could. I Love you Mother Forever, for always. Thank you for our Yesterdays, our memories shared, stories to tell, todays lessons of truth, your lessons keeps me aware, Our tomorrows reunion in heaven, your loving tender words keep warm in such a cold and heartless world. Rest In Peace My Precious Mother…Muah 🙂

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  • Pam Hinkle On

    Happy Mother's Day my beautiful lil mom. I miss you so much! No words can explain how much I miss you every day. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I will love you forever. If they celebrate Mother's Day in heaven I'm sure you are celebrating with grandma. Happy Mothers Day my so missed lil' mom. My heart is with you. Love and Kisses. @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>--> @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- @>-->----- <3 <3 <3

  • Pam Hinkle On

    It's Saturday, my mom, thinking about you. I miss my mom. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I love you, honey. @>---- Always will.

  • Pam Hinkle On

    Hi my little mom, it's been awhile since I was able to log in. I didn't have my login info, took me forever to find it. So much has gone on, I have been missing you so much. I came across a diary that dates back to 93 that you were writing in. It broke my heart to think that for so many years things that happened you tried hard to keep inside. I thought you were exaggerating when you would make comments many times about situations people? I'm sorry. I wish you would have just moved with me like we talked about. But, I do understand why you didn't. I understand so much, so many things you had told me were right. I miss you my mom, I miss you horribly. Things fall apart and I don't have my mom to tell them to anymore. I try hard to do what is right by you, even if I didn't always understand why you were the way you were sometimes? You were right my mom, just like you said. "For once, if I ever listened to you? to listen now!" LOL, actually you told me that 1 time before when Kip was 5 years old. I did listen. You were right on the mark. Kip has taken you being gone, Al and his friends dying hard. He's doing okay now, but? life is not easy for any of us. All I know is I have faith, trust the people I know have my best interest at heart and hear your voice everyday. Missing you more with each sunset. I love you my mom, just because you were you. I know that you loved us too. Rest in peace my lil mom. I'll be home soon.

  • Pam Hinkle On

    I had a dream about you my little precious mom. I miss you so much. So many times I just wanted to toss something out there to you to get a genuine concern about me opinion" I miss those. I miss you. I wish you were here.

  • Pam Hinkle On

    Hello my lil mom. I was thinking about you tonight. I always think about you.. One thing I do know is that you loved deep and you loved true. I may not have always nor have I ever pretended that, I was "the perfect daughter" but, I have always loved you, respected you and never used you. That I can go to my grave knowing. In Jesus's wonderful name. Amen. I miss you my mom. As long as I walk this earth I always will.


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