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It is not uncommon for individuals who are otherwise healthy and happy to find themselves struggling in the face of death. You may never have had a problem with anxiety until, one day, something tragic and unexpected occurs, such as the death of a loved one. When you find yourself going through life worried after such an event, it may be helpful to take a step back and to reach out for support.

Traumatic Events Can Create Anxious People

A sudden, traumatic event can create anxiety in otherwise healthy people. For example, a sudden loss of a loved one very close to you can create a situation of anxiety and fear over who else you could lose. Then, when another tragic event occurs in your life, it can bring back all of the same anxious feelings you had before and even more so. You are terrified that loss will happen again.

Although this is a normal response after a traumatic event, for some it is much more. This anxiety is known as an anxiety-related mental health disorder. Better defined, it is when one finds themselves worried about the outcome of everyday events, is unable to see the positive in situations, and even suffers from panic attacks, which are sudden feelings of terror that can occur at any time with or without provocation and without warning.

Are you feeling like this is happening to you? Perhaps you simply do not see how you are going to overcome such worries and fears. You don’t do anything to bring them on and you don’t know how to stop.

This is when reaching out to a professional is so important. You need to know that there are other individuals who struggle with similar anxiety. Losing a loved one can create such an overwhelming sense of fear and helplessness. Take the time to talk to a professional, join a support group, or just have someone in your life that you can rely on to listen.

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