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Antony Whitworth

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Antony Whitworth

Place of birth: Jefferson co

Religious affiliation: Christian

My son was a very loving young man. He loved his mother and younger brother. The day we lost him his fiance bri and unborn grand baby. They passed away with him. Never did I think I would be writing this. none of this seems real still. This young man could talk you’re ears off over cars and trucks that was his Passion in life. Love to be on the go all the time. To only be 22 years old he sure did love his life. I had him when I was very young and my family step in to help me out. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Man they wasn’t lying. My son being the first born grand son well it’s safe to say he was very well spoiled and loved. We all have different memories of him. Rest in peace 🕊️ my son. I miss you terribly and I love you to the moon and back again. Love you’re mother 

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