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Angelito “Baby Lito” Magbanua

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Angelito “Baby Lito” Magbanua

Place of birth: Bugasong,Antique Philippines

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Angelito S.Magbanua ,Fondly called as ” Baby Lito” or Lito was the youngest among 5 children an eldest sister and 4 brothers.Who had all deceased.And as the youngest he have no other Family members except for his Nephews and Nieces.He was an Excellent Auto Mechanic and had owned Fil-Am Auto Body Shop in Oakland for 20 years.At East.12 th St.Oakland Ca.He had his Bachelors Degree in Industrial Education Major in Auto Mechanic.He had his 2 years Post Graduate in Mechanical Engineering and had worked as part time Physics and Trigonometry Instructor while studying as a Government Scholar at The Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He was also a Former Cadet Officer while in College.After Graduation He worked as a Professor at Don Bosco University in Makati Philippines for 4 years then he went to work as a Director of Rizal Technical Institute at Naga City Philippines for 10 years prior to immigrating to the United States.He was a Thinker,  Generous ,Practical and a very understanding person.He dont talk in a loud voice or answer back to his elder sister and elders.He seldom get angry.He loves to sing and a very jolly person mostly loved by fellow kababayans and well respected and loved by his workers.He was diagnosed with Cancer in 1999 had underwent treatments survived it then had Miraculous Healing at Stage 4 Cancer.He had various Spiritual Awakening during his Journey.When we divorced after 16 years of marriage I took care of him and even when I remarried he stayed with us since he became Speech and Hearing Impaired.He made me Power of Attorney as we are the only one who can understand his speech or how he speaks as it becomes more difficult for him to speak after 2014 Surgery.His Cancer recurred and for the last few months after it was diagnosed as too risky for another treatment and surgery.He succombed to his illness.Until he was not able to open his mouth and swallowing  liquid food got harder everyday.And he was on severe pain.He was admitted to Hospice care for a month and he told us that his time is near. His Prediction of his death was realized. And He told me Jesus will come gain to take him when his time will come,3 days before he died He told me that Jesus came and spoke to him walked side by side with him.He Described to me how Jesus looked with shorter brown hair and a thin and very prominent nose, dressed in white robe. Lito died Peacefully in my Presence at the Holy Hour of Friday at exactly 3:15AM. Hospice RN came few minutes after that and Pronounced his Death at the time of her arrival.I am sure that Lito is now at Peace with the LORD with all his Family that went ahead of him.To our Everlasting Immortal Life in Heaven.

Funeral Notice Detail

 He lived at 360 Monte Vista Ave.Oakland California for 11 years and a total of more than 20 yrs. living and working here in Oakland,California.

A Memorial Service will be held at


Chapel of the Chimes 4499 Piedmont Ave.

OAKLAND , CA 94611

On: Jul 27, 2018

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