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Angela Bonner

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Angela Bonner

Place of birth: Beech Grove, Indiana

Religious affiliation: Christian

She is survived by her loving husband Brian Bonner; children William David Vinco, Trinity (Tom) Bonner, and Amee (Kenny Boyd) Bonner; grandchildren Austin Lacroix, Rhand Warnell. Brianna Bonner, Tommy Bonner, and Kenny Boyd, Jr.; mother Barbara Buckley; sisters Gwen ( Mike) England, and Isabell (Jay) Miller; and brother James Poulton, along with numerous nieces and nephews. Angela was preceded in death by her father James Buckley.Angie was such a joy to everyone who had ever met her. She had a smile that would light up a room and a heart so big that she could hold everyone she knew inside. Angie always put the needs of others before her own. She did not know an enemy nor turn away anyone in need. Angie was also the best hugger ever. Her life meant so much in the, all too short, 45 years that we were privileged to have her in our lives.Because she was so passionate about helping others, she loved working at Johnson Memorial Hospital, which she did for 19 years. Angie made a difference to countless patients and made lifelong friends during her time there.Family was so important to Angie. She was the most amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and cousin. Angie loved all of her family so much but for the past 10 years she was so happy to be a grandmother, thanks to the family she gained when she married Brian. Here are her words:“It is so rewarding when your grandchild smiles when they see you or drop their bottle, crawl over to you and raise their arms, motioning that they are wanting you to pick them up. The way they intently watch your face and mouth and try to mimic what you are doing. Watching them grow and learn new things. To wait for their response after they tried something new to eat, they smile & motion that they want more. The way they squeal or laugh at something so simple.It is so peaceful to hold and rock them to sleep. To watch them drink from their bottle and look into your eyes for love and comfort. The way they play with your fingers or wrap their little hand around yours. Once they drift off you kiss their little hand and cheek and feel so grateful to be holding something so precious. You place them in their bed and look for one more moment & take in what a  blessing the whole experience is.”Angie definitely left footprints on the hearts of everyone who knew her. She will be missed by all and none of our lives will ever be the same. Fly high our dear, sweet angel

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