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Alexxiss Victoria Prince

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Alexxiss Victoria Prince

Place of birth: St. George, Utah

Twenty one years ago I was given the most precious gift in the world, my sweet daughter was born. She was the sunshine, the amazing light that shone from her sweet spirit was so amazing and overwhelming. Alexxiss was more than any mother could dream of, so happy, loving and kind. I know that every mother feels that her child is the most special…I’m like all other mother’s, my daughter truly was the best child ever, I couldn’t have been more proud to be her mommy. Eventually she became a teenager, hormone’s, boys, clothes…her world changed. Although she still was the sweetest girl ever with a huge heart that wanted to save the world, every plant, animal and human…she started to also feel overwhelmed with the sadness in the world and not being able to save everything. As life happens, mommy couldn’t protect her from all pain and evil in this world so she experienced heartache, pain and some trauma along her teen years. Eventually her pain became too much and she chose to walk down a scary path numbing it with drugs. First it was weed, which scared her parents and we tried everything from strong discipline, tough love, treatment programs and eventually hoped the court system would help her learn a hard lesson. She did many great things and right when it would look like she had finally learned and was turning her life around living to her full potential, something would happen and her reflex of coping with drugs would return, each time getting deeper and trying new things to numb her pain. Honestly I have no idea everything she tried in her life, I was far too naive with it all. I’m not sure if it’s because I just couldn’t handle it or because she was really good at keeping that part of her life very secret from me. My sweet precious daughter lost her battle to addiction on a early Wednesday morning, April 22, 2015 at approximately 3am. The reason this is approximate…because no one knows for sure, or no one will tell the truth. Some say suicide, some say accident, some even say an upset drug dealer trying to set and example, unfortunately I’ll never really know the truth. I was at work when I received the worst phone call any parent could ever get at 10:20 am…my daughter was gone and there was nothing I could do to save her. It’s nothing like what you see in the movies, I could not see/identify her. I would have to wait until her body was sent back from the autopsy 300 miles away, what’s worse, they could not give me any details, they suspected overdose but would not have any real information for 8-10 months when the autopsy report would come. As any mother would do, I cried, screamed, begged, pleaded, argued that it could not be her, but there was nothing in this world I could do…my beloved baby was dead. If this was not tragic enough, do you know the horror of hearing that you can’t even see your child until you pay for the funeral first…who has that kind of money just available. I considered for a moment robbing a bank, I must see this person they are claiming is my daughter so that I can prove it is not her and actually breathe again and thank god that it has all been a horrible mistake and nightmare. Of course life is cruel…and after the money was paid, it was indeed my precious child lying on that cold metal table. She was as beautiful as ever, just appeared to be sleeping, very deeply. My world was over, I would, could never recover from this pain. Never in all of my deepest darkest thoughts had I ever imagined that my precious Alexxiss would one day leave me. She was the strongest female I had ever known, she could surpass every obstacle life through at her…with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.

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