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Alexandra Jonte 12/6/2011

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Alexandra Jonte 12/6/2011

Place of birth: None

Alexandra was a little girl full of sass and personality, she was diagnosed at the age of 2 with Leukemia and lived everyday to the fullest. Alexandra passed at the age of 5 after a long brave battle.
“One Hand On The Stars”
How do we count the lives she touched,The light she shed for years? How do we see the difference she made when we’re looking though our tears?How do we know the things that are that never would have been without her valiant heart that dared to fight, and fight again?How do we know what flowers will bloom from seeds of yesterday,What songs are sung and dreams begun because she passed this way?How do we measure the shining place that time can never pale in all the hearts that cheered her on and willed her to prevail?How did her spirit soar beyond the suffering and the scars to live with one hand clutching hope and the other on the stars?We may not know what she left behind on the difficult path she trod…But we know this much: her life’s brief touch was from the hand of God

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    Grandma's Baby Girl

    I don't think there are enough words to express my feelings for this little girl. I could not love Alexandra any more than if I had given birth to her. She had a spirit like no other! She had a great sense of humor for being so young and we were just blessed to live in her world. She was afraid of the tiniest of bugs but could take pictures of giraffes that bent down to look at her. She LOVED shoes, never had enough. She knew and could sing almost every Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber song. She loved making spin art pictures. I remember the volunteers following Alexandra back to her room from the hospital playroom with spin art pictures lined up and down their arms! What seemed obsessive at the time became priceless treasures to frame. She loved playing jokes on people, more of those stories at another time! School...I've never met a kid who absolutely loved the thought of going to school. She loved preschool and could hardly wait to go to Kindergarten. She even made me buy her a backpack and school supplies, just in case she got out of her transplant early she'd be ready to start Kindergarten! Oh, Alexandra, how I miss you so. My future was so wrapped up in all the things we'd do and places we'd go after you were cured of this ghastly disease. You were a week away from going home...Thanksgiving was supposed to have a whole new meaning...well it does, but not the one we were expecting. My heart still aches for you and I listen to a recording of your voice and although it makes me cry, it also makes me smile. Every weekend Alexandra would call and ask if we wanted to go to brefkast. I'd always ask her, "who is this? to which she always responded, 'Grandma's baby girl". To the moon and back, yes you are baby girl.

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    Gorgeous Angel Alex

    I will forever and always fight for you Alexandra! You make me want to be a better woman, momma, founder. You are my inspiration and I love you baby girl. Please know you will never be forgotten. ever.


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