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Virtual Support Terms and Conditions

Virtual Support Terms and Conditions

Virtual support rules and restrictions apply.

A minimum of two groups will be offered monthly.

You understand and agree that HealGrief and/or it’s agent(s) reserve the right to reschedule groups for any reason including illness, the minimum group attendance is not met, participant does not comply with the rules of engagement; and remove group members if participant does not comply with the rules of engagement.

These are NOT advice-giving groups or therapy groups.

Groups begin and end on time.

These groups are for the purpose of sharing and connecting.


Share Airtime – We only have a bit over an hour to share. As facilitators, we will work to ensure that all who want to share have that opportunity. Share as much as you want, but please be mindful that others may wish to share as well. Feeling heard and validated by others is an essential component for this group meeting to be healthy.

Share from Your Own Perspective & Experiences – Hearing about one another’s experiences allows the space for others to develop their ideas for what works for them.

We understand that sometimes we might want to offer advice when we hear others share in their struggles. A reminder, this is not an advice-giving group. However, if you choose to ask for advice, you’ll probably receive some.

Be Respectful of Others – You do not have to agree with others about what they are saying. However, we do ask that you be respectful and recognize that everyone’s grief is unique, as are religious beliefs, backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences shared in this group.

And although we understand that interruptions and personal needs may occur, we ask that you stay present as best you can. Dropping in and out of the group while in session can be disruptive.

The “I Pass” Rule – Allows you to “pass” should you be asked a question. This includes the opening “go around” and any closing discussions that might take place. Many people find support in just listening to others or might need time to become comfortable sharing. We want to allow this flexibility so people of all types of personalities and comfort levels might participate in the group.

Confidentiality – Trust is an essential component of a healthy group. Because of this, we ask that everyone hold confidential the things shared by others. I know me and XXX will keep what you share in confidence, and we hope all of you do the same. A group member will no longer participate in groups should we learn that this rule has been broken. For a safe space to share, confidentiality is crucial.

There are two exceptions where we, as facilitators, will break that rule. If someone expresses self-harm or serious harm to another person, we will do everything we can to get you help to ensure your safety and the safety of others. But we’ll have to break confidentiality to do so.

Silence – We recognize that from time to time there may be moments of silence. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but we are going to allow it. We find that it might take a moment to sit with a thought before a response.

Group Facilitators will use these guidelines to manage the discussions in the group. Facilitators are there to keep the group on task and safeguard a good environment for sharing. Facilitators may “step in” from time to time to ensure this is accomplished.

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