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Rashad Lamar Nelson

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Rashad Lamar Nelson

Place of birth: Clearwater, Florida

Religious affiliation: Christian

We miss Rashad with our whole hearts and souls, with every ounce of our beings. Rashad was, and is, a man of God and a child of God. Rashad was a Jehovah’s Witness. He had the absolute biggest heart and was always helping others. Rashad was the most amazing and loving man, husband, father-to-be, dog dad, son, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, friend, and so much more. Rashad loved talking about Jehovah God, life, nature, and all things meaningful. He was so wise and such a deep thinker. He loved listening to audio books and philosophy. Rashad had the best sense of humor and loved bringing joy and smiles to people’s lives. He would bring his wife and their dog for walks, and he would always play music, audio books, or philosophy while on their nature walks and adventures together.  Rashad was only three days away from fatherhood. Rashad was the happiest, the most proud and excited, that he had ever been, in his whole life, to become a dad and watch his baby girl be born. He was ready at any moment to go to the hospital with his lifelong partner of more than 17 years to support her and cheer her on as they welcomed the product of their love, their baby girl, to the world. He was telling every person he encountered that he was about to be a Dad and that his daughter was going to be born any day. Rashad was so excited to be a dad to his little girl. He proudly wore his Mer-Dad pin on his shirt at his mermaid-themed baby shower. He couldn’t wait to watch his baby girl grow and teach her about Jehovah God and life. He couldn’t wait to share with her his love for nature, music, and basketball. He couldn’t wait to teach her to love herself, about his and her culture, how to ride a bike, how to swim, and how to paint. He couldn’t wait to bring her to the park and go on family walks with their dog, and so much more.  Our hearts and souls are shattered into billions of pieces. Words can’t describe the huge hole that is left in our hearts and in this world without Rashad.  Rashad’s life mattered, and always will matter, so very, very much.  Please always remember Rashad and speak his name forever. Rashad Is Love, Pure Love.I love you so much Rashad, love your forever wife, Samantha. I can’t wait until we are reunited and our family will all be together. 

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