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Mormon Death and Funeral Rituals and Traditions

Mormon Death and Funeral Rituals and Traditions

Mormons share many beliefs with the Christian and Catholic faiths, but the cross is not a symbol of their religion. Mormons believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ, the cross has no significance for them. Mormon funerals are usually held within one week of death. Mormon funeral services are typically led by a bishop or minister; in many situations, the proceedings are regulated by the governing rules of the Mormon church. The timing and selection of readings are dictated by the bishop or other authority, and lead speakers are encouraged to use the funeral service as an opportunity to teach the basic doctrines of the Mormon church. Family members may also speak at the funeral, with guidance and support from their local priesthood holders or bishop.

Things to know:

  • Flowers are appropriate at the funeral, in the church or at a graveside service
  • Modest clothing shows respect for the bereaved and deceased, with darker clothing preferred
  • Any inclusion of crosses or crucifixes is not acceptable, even in jewelry or as an embellishment on a floral arrangement
  • Non-Mormons are welcome to attend funeral services
  • Voice recording is discouraged (even if it may technically be permissible)


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