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Your Pets Home: Montreal

Pet type: Hamster

Mochi, a Campbell hamster with a kitty-like fur pattern, and the gray part on your forehead and ears looked like a small butterfly. You loved to sniff and nip me, and peaches were your favourite treat. Always eager to explore and run around, you were such a smart fluffy ball and had an incredibly good memory, you could always find the path again where you managed to escape a maze after the first try, for which I was so amazed. Your fur was smooth as silk, your legs were tiny but strong, and your ears feel like petals of cherry blossom, light pink and soft. When you sat in my hands the first time, sniffed and looked at me, then started to groom yourself, my heart melt. You’re gone, but I can still smell you, hear you, feel you around, it’s like you’re just taking a nap in your hideout and if I call your name, you would crawl out with half-closed eyes, those little black bean eyes. Mochi, you will always have a piece of my heart and don’t forget to nip me for treats the day we meet again.

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