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The last two years have been full of turmoil, upset, and challenge for many of us. Whether because of the death of a meaningful person in our life, loss of job, or home, many were forced into a change we didn’t want. As a result, we sometimes dwell on the “why,” trying to find answers to questions when there are none.

“Why” has been the case for me, too. I felt stuck searching for answers to “why.” Although I realize I may never find the answers, I have now found gratitude in the journey.

My work with HealGrief® and the amazing community members of the Actively Moving Forward® App has allowed me to witness individuals share their most intimate feelings about grief and life without their person. Yet, in all despair, hope guides them. It’s beautiful to watch as grief’s burden lightens from the support found within our community.

Here are a few of the things we have heard after providing a virtual sanctuary for members to share with others who understand the journey of grief.

“Usually, I don’t like to share. So, I get nervous and anxious before the group starts because I know I’ll be talking about my son. But each time the group starts, my shield goes down, and I always feel better afterward. Thank you.”

“Loneliness has been my biggest struggle since my parents passed away. So, I really benefit from the support group. The stories others share remind me of my journey with grief. Just seeing faces and hearing the voices of others dealing with grief makes me feel less alone.”

“Thanks to you, I’m no longer ashamed that I’m still grieving.”

“I’m shy. So, I like that you invite people to speak during our virtual groups. I like hearing from others about their experiences too.”

Beyond these testimonials are the threads of conversation within the App of members supporting members over this thing called “grief.” We see solid bonds and new friendships formed.

Facilitating has given me a deeper meaning to life. I have learned to love deeply, forgive quickly, and to be present in the moment because the next one is not guaranteed. I have found a new purpose, and I embrace all that I have with gratitude.

As we start the New Year and our community grows, we seek to build our capacity to serve better. We will continue to be present during one’s darkest times. We will offer hope by shedding light into the darkness. We will continue to grow together, supporting each other until we can accept and live in peace with our new life-long companion, grief.

May this New Year transform tears of sadness into smiles as we reminisce about our person.

With love, light, and gratitude, 




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