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Robin Williams

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Robin Williams

Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois

Robin McLaurin Williams was born on July 21, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois. Robin was always witty and found that to be an ideal skill in his school’s drama club. From then on his acting and comedy skills grew and he became very fond of acting and pleasing a crowd. In 1976 Robin first started to do stand up comedy. His fame as a comedian grew he was offered his first major acting role in 1978 to play Mork in “Mork & Mindy”. Robin has played many characters over the years as well as keeping his career as a comedian. Robin seemed to be one of the happiest people ever, but in reality, he was struggling with depression for many years. He struggled with alcoholism and depression for much of his life. Prior to his death Robin developed Parkinson’s Disease. Robin committed suicide in August of 2014. Robin was a very strong man with a love for acting and making people smile. He will be greatly missed.

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