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Mozella Ophelia Scipio Hunter

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Mozella Ophelia Scipio Hunter

Place of birth: South Carolina

Religious affiliation: Other

Mozella Ophelia Scipio Hunter was the best lady you would ever meet. She could just say one single word to you and you’ll just smile forever. Her personality was just amazing, Her blue hair, ALWAYS smiled, and was never sad or depressed. We always had fun.Not on occasion if all our family was there it would always be a party and we be turnt up always talked about the LORD. This was our nana our Lady blue OUR Mother Blue,even Hard Harted Hannah from Savannah. Most of our family gatherings we always said do it for the vine and nana responded “I aint gonna do it”. We pulled so many pranks on her too, like we would scare her on prank call her on the phone and sometimes we would turn off her bedroom lights and scare her but we hate to see Nana go. She took no B.S Nana could sense if your lying to her, She would never lie to you and never sugar coated things. Mozella Hunter was the realest person that you would meet. she is well loved, and really would be missed. S.I.P Mozella Hunter we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funeral Notice Detail

Surviving Relatives. Mother: Lizzie Scipiorn Father: Moses Scipiorn Oldest Sister: Margeret "Scipio"Greene Brother: Lamar Scipiorn Nephew: Lee Scipio Grandniece: Shardae Scipio Daughter 1: Ernestine Scipio Daughter 2: Sheniqua Scipio Bey Daughter 3:Margarita Scipio, Grandchildren: 1: Shanique Scipio 2: Shakema Scipio 3: Sheila Scipio 4: Shanaya Scipio 5: Shaquana Scipio Jennings 6: Shanasia Scipio 7: John Scipio Bey 8: Sharnae Scipio Brooks 9: Tyler Lamar Scipio Coleman 10: Tamia Scipio Bey. GreatGrands: Dajanique "Scipio"Burwell Ka'Shai "Scipio" Green Raylynn "Scipio" Coutorn

A Memorial Service will be held at

Sinatra Funeral Home

315 South Broadway

Yonkers , NY 10705

On: Nov 09, 2014 — At: 12:00 PM

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