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Michel Gaspard

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Michel Gaspard

Place of birth: None

Religious affiliation: Catholic

My father lived and died a very lonely man who had given up on humanity and gave his love to animals and nature instead.
After 2 years of marriage, his wife became pregnant with another man’s child. Separation and divorce followed.
My father was in his early 20s at the time but never recovered from the shock and betrayal he suffered. He became withdrawn and never remarried. He died alone in his house after smoking himself to death over the course of many years.
You, who are reading this, NEVER, EVER cheat on your loved one. You are destroying lives by doing so. You cannot imagine the long lasting consequences of your actions.
This not only destroyed my father but affected his parents and his child also.
Adultery is not a joke and it is not harmless.
In my father’s memory, live a good life. Don’t cheat and lie. Do not create decades of suffering for others for the sake of a passing attraction.
May he be at peace now

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