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Michael Steven Ieronimo

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Michael Steven Ieronimo

Place of birth: Long Island

Religious affiliation: Catholic

My beloved brother, Michael, was taken from us on June 30 of 2016, we are heartbroken and struggle with his loss each and every day. My brother is a wonderful person – he is a cherished brother, son, uncle, spouse, nephew, cousin and friend to all who had the pleasure and privilege to know him. He was our baby – the baby of the family and losing him has left us broken and in the dark; for he was nothing but light – funny, loud, outgoing, generous to a fault, kindhearted, stubborn, loving, caring, and plain and simple – my younger brother. Michael was one in a million and someday we hope to be able to smile through our tears – maybe someday. We love you Michael, we miss you every day, we wish you were still in our arms but you will always be in our hearts. We will remember and honor you always.

4 Responses

  • susan ieronimo On

    Michael, Four years have gone by and the pain of losing you is forever. You, dear brother are missed every day by us all. Just yesterday kiddo cried that she wanted to talk to you so badly,like she always did and we knew just what you would say. You, dear brother, are remembered always. From my Monday for Michael to all the memories that live in our hearts and minds. You, dear brother, are loved every day by all of us. We continue to be brokenhearted without you and always will be. That will never change. <3

  • susan ieronimo On

    Minutes pass, hours pass, days pass, weeks pass, months pass....our grief and sadness over losing your never passes. Our love for you never passes or wains, our memory of you never fades, our need for you never disappears. Michael, my dear brother, I am missing you and loving you and grieving for you every day. Your sister, Susan

  • Marie Gravesande On

    I am truly touched by your memorial statement, the desire you've shown to reunite with your loved one, as I offer my condolences to your family. No doubt Michael was a shining light in your life.There is a bond so strong it is love, ‘It’s the flame of God.’ Because such love originates with God. He is the One who has put in us the capacity to love. It is a flame that is inextinguishable. Such a love is what you’ve shown for your dear Michael. Song of Solomon 8:6,7. At Isaiah 25:8 the prophetic promise is made that God ‘will actually swallow up death forever.’ That is when we will live endlessly and all reuniting will take place. Revelation 21:3,4.

  • susan ieronimo On

    Michael, You are loved You are missed You are always remembered


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