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Your Pets Home: None

Pet type: Dog

Shugga was pure love, a giver, and such a special Diabetic Alert Dog; he was always there with a wagging tail and a smile. His big heart filled every room as he hugged people with his eyes. He was an energized youngster, ran and walked countless miles, trained for two marathons with his T1D, inspiring her to run. He went on countless day adventures, travels, and trips to the office, beach, mountains, conferences, concerts, movies, operas, and more. If you read his children’s book, you could see he was always up for the challenge as long as he was with his T1D. He enjoyed working (most of the time) and loved chewing his bone and lounging at home, running in the park, games of tug, fetching, or eating grass. This doggie sure had an appetite; he LOVED his food and treats; if you can believe it, cucumbers and blueberries were his favorites. After alerting his type one to check her blood sugar, he had a special trick; he would run throughout the house to find his T1D checker (by smell) when he heard, “Where is it.” His role and reason for coming into our lives was a service dog, yet what we gained was so much more. He taught his T1D and our family countless lessons of unconditional love, forgiveness, working through stress, and having a smile no matter what the situation. Shugga; thank you for everything! You have no idea the beautiful ripples you left in our lives, and how you touched others when you were alive. We love you and you will forever be apart of our pack. <3

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