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Melanie Parker

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Melanie Parker

Place of birth: Easton, Maryland

Religious affiliation: Other

She brought sunshine to everyone she met. Gone way too soon, but left a legacy of courage, beauty, compassion, and love. As a physical therapist for infants and toddlers, she brought about changes in tiny lives that will last a lifetime. Her friends will cherish memories of her laughter and positive outlook on life.
Life was not always easy for her, but she always saw the good in every situation. She will be missed by many. Now we need to stand on the foundations she established, and continue to bring good into the world!

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    Why Melanie Parker is my hero

    Melanie deciated her life to kindness. Being kind to her friends and family and working tirelessly at a career where she changed lives for the better. The lives of her patients AND ther families. She loved her friends as family and she...with her faithful sidekick Abby...were the first stop when one had a confession or needed advice or just support. She made everyone happier and better. And she still does. She was never ever "dying from cancer"...she was always LIVING with cancer and did it with beauty and dignity and humor and ferocity. Not even this black, corrosive disease - that ultimately claimed her body - changed her spirit. She was strength and beauty and fun and loved beautiful shoes. I will never come close, but I want to be just like Melanie. Merry Christmas Reds! I miss and love you.


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