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Jennifer Hoyt/Gonyon

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Jennifer Hoyt/Gonyon

Place of birth: Montpelier vermont

Religious affiliation: Other

Jennifer was a beautiful woman. She was a Christian she lived her life to serve the lord and teach his word. She was married and had 3 wonderful children a daughter and Two sons. They were here life her world. Her joy was to be with them to love and teach them. Her family came first and housework second. She had 2 brothers she was very close with. She had a close and loving relationship with her Dad, they enjoyed camping and singing hick songs as she called them. Her favorite word was Holy is good or jangle, to her this was said when something happened that was difficult to deal with like spilled paint, coloring on the wall, the kids temper tantrum. Funny it stopped everyone in there tracks and made them laugh. She said it brought everything into perspective esp. her.She didn’t want to loose her temper over little things. She loved her kids and life. I’m her Mom we are always best friends!

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  • On

    a life interupted

    Hi sweet lady. We have a new friend Bonnie French. She has lung cancer. Sheas so sweet and loving with all she's going through the very first time we meet in person she wanted to know you! How thoughtful! She took your picture in a horse competition and together you won 1st 3rd and one other spot I forget now! But that's amazing. As she goes through with her treatments please be with her Jennifer so she feels the warmth and presence of love. Your still the apple of my eye my special girl. I he your still proud of me Jen! I will love you every day a little more! My tears for you fall as sweet as honey onto my cheek and I still ask sometimes why you! All my love sweet girl!!:-) ♥

  • Cathy Furlongharriman On

    A life interrupted!!

    I think of now esp. Jen as the dragonfly's dance around! Your love is felt in all Gods beauty around us. I really miss you lately and the other day I cryed the first time in a while as I sat there a breeze blew across my fave all I could think was you wiping my tears away saying mom don't cry be happy. Its a holykabudajangle. Kind of day! Miss you my sweet sweet child. Love Mama

  • Cathy Furlongharriman On

    A life interupted

    Jennifer was one of the kindest, funniest ,sweet, loving people I know. She lives her life everyday. She took her childerin for walks, read them books, listened to them mainly loved them! Her smile and hug warmed my heart. Her love of Jesus Christ and sharing his word made me so proud to be her mother. She loved being with her family and spent time with her brothers as often as she could and they helped her and cared for her like good brothers do! She loved animals bunny's and Cats onyx our dog! The outdoors was where she loved to be she enjoyed collecting wild flowers. She taught her children about nature Gods world. Not littering it or destroying it. They liked lying on the ground in the evening to see the stars and guess what they could find. She worked evenings at a store in town known by most and lobed by all. She only wanted her children left with family as she had them because she wanted them and trusted few to care for them. As mother daughter we had our ups and downs and yes I was the meanest mother in the world! When she grew up and we became best friends she told me it was a complement to be called the meanest mother in the world, as it meant I loved her so much I sayed no. I made her go to church and pray. I wouldn't let her boyfriend spend the night, she had to have good grades or she lost privileges, she said miost of all I taught her to love God and her family, she understood respect. She knew you had to go to work if you had a job you had to keep all your cimitments. She learned you never give up on your children and it didn't matter what others think love and raise your children by Gods word. She was funny and made me laugh so hard. Friends have great memories .She went to school to be a teacher with Nicole and they became best friends. She truly loved life and all who knew her truly loved her. She was not afraid to die she knew Jesus Christ was her Lord and savior and Heaven always was her home! Now she suffers no pain and knows all the things we don't know. But I believe she's in my heart and with me if you lobed her she's watching you to! Forever JenniferForever is as long as I your Mom and best friend will LOVE YOU my dragonfly girl with wildflowers in your long beautiful hair! I see you still!


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