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Hayes J

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Hayes J

Place of birth: North Carolina

Religious affiliation: Other

This is Hayes. He came into my life after Bear passed and i got him to keep Bears sister company when i was away. Well he was quiet but outside the house he was  one crazy pup. Could run for days… We had a rocky start, he ran away twice, to the same house 2 miles away. However he soon came to realize he was a member of our family and things improved. When Cuds passed, she was 7 yrs older, he was there for me. We soon came to ride everywhere together. He loved it ! We rode to Florida 6 times , 15 hour trips. Hayes lost Use of his back legs this past July, he soon accepted it and i became his back end. We believe it was degenerative myelopathy.  However after 5 months of rest and chiro visits then supplements he slowly gained use of them again. So we made Christmas again, he loved being able to walk again. Sadly his amazing huge heart started to fail and i had to take away his grief. I couldn’t love you more my son, my friend and my companion. Till we meet again, may God ease your pain.  Godspeed Mr Hayes !

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