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Elizabeth Florence

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Elizabeth Florence

Place of birth: Manila, Philippines

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Betty Florence is survived by her loving children, Bobby, Suzie and Beverly, her grandchildren Michael and Gina and her great granddaughter, Evamarie. Her favorite pastime has always been spending time with her children, grandchildren and great granddaughter. In the later years of her life, and in the most recent past, she met Garry Parks, and with him she found companionship and a new passion for Country Western dancing.
She leaves a void in our hearts that we could never fill, but her legacy as a loving, funny and compassionate person will live on forever. We are so blessed for having her in our lives.

14 Responses

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    It's a New Year

    In so many ways, this year is going to be different. Most importantly with you gone and in heaven I am having to do this with a big piece of my heart missing. I don't mind that piece of my heart missing though because I know you took it with you and you have a piece of me. I have so much to say to you and I talk to you in my thoughts often. I miss you mom, that is never going to change. I will learn to live with that I know. Keep an eye, and watch how all that you instilled in me and the rest of your children lives on. XOXOXO

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    Another mile stone in my life

    As I walk through another mile stone in my life, all I can think of is you and how much you would of enjoyed hearing all the things that are happening in my life. It is all good Mom, I am very happy with the path my life is taking. Finally, I feel the peace within. I wondered if I would ever feel so fulfilled. It saddens me so much that you are not here to walk through this wonderful time with me. I know you are sitting front row with God and watching and I know you are pleased. There is only one thing missing in my life and that is having you in this physical world with me. But God had a different plan and I have faith and I know in my heart of hearts his will is best. I love you mommy, xoxoxoxoxo Beverly

  • beverly florence On

    My aching heart

    showed it's pain in a very deep sad way today. I think of you everyday, all day. I miss you so much. I know in my heart you are truly home and at peace with God and for that I am grateful. I just miss you, I want to talk to you, I want to feel the completeness I always felt when you were just a phone call away. I know you will always be with me mommy, I will never let you go. Thank you for being my wonderful, loving mother, God's gift. xo Beverly

  • beverly florence On


    Christmas is coming, and the first one ever without you. I will miss you so mom. So many reminders of you, everywhere. A Betty Boop Christmas ornament on Gina's tree. We love and miss you so much. I love you, Beverly

  • beverly florence On

    The Holidays

    My heart is growing heavier and heavier Mom. This is my first Holiday Season without you here . During my life we would either be together, or you were just a phone call away. My memories are vivid, but I long to hear your voice, I long to touch your hand, your face and look into your eyes. I long for the safe, peace I felt knowing you were here, that I could go to you at anytime. I wonder how I can do this without you here with me. I wanted, I needed more time with you. My memory of you is eternal but somehow it isn't the same, it isn't enough. I miss you so much I feel a sensation of pain that is not physical, It's much deeper, an emptiness, a hole. I know as time passes it will get less intense. I honor this sadness, because it honors you and what you have always meant to me. My thoughts are jumbled because I sometimes don't know what to do with my emotions. So I write you these little notes, I know I will be ok mom, you taught be to be strong and have faith. I love you Bev


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