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Devin Ranking

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Devin Ranking

Place of birth: Baltimore, MD

Religious affiliation: Muslim

Devin Ranking aka Lor Dev die today at the age of 27. Devin was born on December 23, 1987 passes away on November 22, 2015. He was born in Baltimore Md, he grow up or the east side of town in Freedom way Projects. Lor Dev has left behind his daughter Dream Ranking and older brother Dale Ranking but has a chance to meet again with his mom Linda in the gates of heaven. He join the Muslim family in May of 2005. Devin ranking was very popular internationally for riding dirt-bikes and popping wheelies. He was apart of the 12 o clock boys who go to different cities riding dirt bikes, 4 wheeler, and motorcycles. He signature move was the no hands rule, where he pop a wheelie and take both hands of the bike in mid air. When he was riding bikes he was interested in sailing cars.

Funeral Notice Detail

Devin Ranking was pronounced dead at the scene with a shot to the head, less than 2 miles from his last known address. police said Devin was sitting at a red light, and when the shot was fired Mr. Ranking got hit and drove into some front yard.

A Memorial Service will be held at

Calvin Scuggs Jr Funeral Home

1412 E Preston St

Baltimore , MD 21213

On: Nov 29, 2014 — At: 11:00 AM

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