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Awggy Lima

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Awggy Lima

Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This man was a passionate surfer, a caring father,, a wonderful husband, a dedicated family man, and an amazing friend to all he met. He touched the lives of countless people with his thought-provoking conversations and good nature. I watched him tirelessly counsel friends that were down and pour his heart into cheering them up on many occasions. He was passionate about life and so easygoing at the same time that it was contagious,  you couldn’t help but feel better when you were around him. He worked hard and played hard and always brought up the level of what everyone around him was doing. And he always had lots of friends around him… He inspired so many of us around him to go harder, ride bigger, do more and to have more fun doing it.  Wether it was charging the Hawaiian North shore, playing in the beach breaks of Brazil, braving the icy waters up and down the CA coast, paddling out at Mavericks or the daily surf at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, I never missed a chance to watch him in his element. His style was fluid effortless beauty in motion. He was truly one with the waves, and never missed an opportunity to talk about how surfing was the perfect symbol for life. The vacancy he’s left in our lives is as vast as the ocean is wide, and the hole in our hearts is as deep as the Pacific. We will always love you and never forget you Awggy, just as sure as the ocean keeps having waves, our hearts keep missing you and always will.  

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