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Alice Scott 4/12/2000

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Alice Scott 4/12/2000

Place of birth: Tennessee

Alice was an Angel on earth in human form, she was an Angel to many, she loved spending time with her family and grandchildren, they all meant the world to her, she had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to laugh and sing, she loved to go shopping and one day while shopping, a young mother with several small children was frantic looking for 20 dollars she had lost and was very upset cause it was all she had, mom tried to give her money but she refused to take it, so mom told her she would help her find it, after a few minutes mom told the young mom that she found her 20 in some clothes on a clothes rack, the young mom was so happy and appreciative to have found her money she was in tears, she thank my mom over and over again, and then left, mom never said a word but I knew mom didn't find the money she took a 20 from her purse while the young mom wasn't looking and pretended to have found it in the clothes rack, we left the store and mom never said anything but she had a smile on her face, she would help anyone at anytime, but to me she was my best friend and I loved spending time with her all the time, we did everything together, she loved making the kids laugh and doing silly things to make people laugh, she was the best and she had a heart of gold, and I miss her more than anything…….

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