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Actively Moving Forward

Actively Moving Forward

College Grief Support is essential for a grieving college student!

Actively Moving Forward


1 in 3 college students experience a death of a family member or close friend within the last year.

AMF, short for Actively Moving Forward, is a college grief support network which connects and empowers grieving college students. These students support one another with peer-led grief support groups as well as participate in community service events in memory of their loved ones, and by doing so, they raise awareness about the needs of grieving young adults across the country. This program is currently “ActivelyMovingForward” on campuses, coast-to-coast.

AMF has already supported over 3000 students on over 200 campuses throughout the United States. Our goal is to be an International movement, to empower students throughout the world. We believe that one doesn’t just get over their grief, but with helpful support, one can “Actively Move Forward” as a tool to a healthy grief recovery.


College grief support is instrumental to a grieving college student  – College students are particularly vulnerable when stricken with grief. Chances are, most students have never experienced the death of a loved one. Often, away from home for the first time, they are away from their usual support systems. Their peers don’t understand grief and therefore, these students don’t receive the empathy or support they need. With many college campuses having limited grief support resources available, these students are at high risk to a host of issues; a feeling of isolation; an inability to focus; a lack of energy; and depression. These issues can be a contributing factor to the overall dropout rate and even suicide.


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College Grief Support

College Grief Support


Some of the chapters go beyond supporting one another. Penn’s, Actively Moving Forward chapter worked with administration to craft bereavement policies after they recognized that the lack of clear communication, on these policies, was an issue that needed to be resolved.

Our AMFer’s, as our students are affectionately called, are brought together because of this “thing called grief.” Together, united in grief, they bring a voice to a neglected group, themselves. AMFer’s have learned that grief is not something “to get over” nor do they need to “forget” their loved one. They have learned to embrace the memories they hold so deeply within their heart and mind and to “ActivelyMoveForward” with that love. Through this college grief support network, they are empowered to transform their journey with grief into a healthy grief recovery and to AMF through life.

So impressed with the work we do, 
Sheryl Sandberg posted on her Facebook news feed after speaking at the University of Pennsylvania and since, we have become a partner with OptionB, a nonprofit organization that helps people build resilience and find meaning in the face of adversity.


And AMF recently joined the Coalition to Support Grieving Students.


AMF is beginning a movement so that no college student should ever need to grieve alone! Our dream is to be present on every college/university campus across the United States.


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