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Cheryl Jones

Cheryl Jones

In this episode, Cheryl shares her story about living with her wife’s cancer for about ten years, the grief following her death, and how it led to her work.

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Cheryl Jones, M.S., is a grief counselor, educator, and radio host. She developed and taught in a three-year Continuing Education program as Manager of Professional Education at the Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley, CA. Her weekly radio show, Good Grief, focuses on the transformations that sometimes come about after profound loss. Her interest in illness and grief originated in the ten years while her first wife lived with cancer before her death in 1995. She recently published a novel, An Ocean Between Them. Though it is fiction, it is deeply informed by the experiences of cancer in her own life and those of her clients’ lives.

Her resilience in hard times comes from her personal and professional experience supporting herself and her clients. It is richly enhanced by the more than 300 interviews on her radio show about transformation after a loss.

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