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Your Pets Home: Pebble Beach, CA

Pet type: Cat

The day came too soon, the usual 7:15 am alarm went off and up I rose to the new day of uncertainty to what lied ahead. Today was Trudy’s doctor appointment at 9:30 am. See Trudy was my elderly cat I raised from a small kitten. I rescued her from the Atascadero Humane Society some 18 – 20 years ago. She had been declining the past two months with weight loss but then recently she displayed labored breathing and struggling to eat. I needed to get her some help but had no financial way to pay for the visit. A woman I met told me about a dog rescue locally that helped her with vet costs and convinced me to call and they would help. So, I did and they were so willing to help it was beautiful. Unfortunately, the outcome of her condition was not beautiful. It was tragic, and like so many other pet owners, I was faced with a decision that was very uncomfortable. She had fluid in her lungs, very  anemic and had a thyroid condition that was the cause of her rapid weight loss. Her recovery was not in our favor. She was suffering greatly and I had to put her down to sleep.And, now it’s the memories, the moments of laughter they gave us and the unconditional love and loyalty to the end, that is the focus now. Like a “rock” when you needed a shoulder to lean on, like a friend when nobody else was there, like a medicine you would take that turned your sadness into happy, smiles and sunshine.So, here are a couple memories I would like to share with you:When Trudy was a kitten she had found a mouse in my closet  and she was jumping in the air running in and out of the closet, just chasing this poor mouse all over the place. You know how cats bat at toys and move their head all crazy like a mental case?  Well, me and my son never laughed so much. A great moment in time..Yet, another moment of comedy was over a dragonfly and a Click Beetle! What is a Click Beetle? It is a very large bug, the size of a small rat, with long whisker-like things and the damn thing made a loud clicking sound! I remember thinking it was one of my cats playing with the phone because the beetle was behind the phone. No, It was this bug! Then a dragonfly decided to join us and things really got out of hand. I just remember running into the bedroom hiding behind the door and yelling to the two cats to get them out of here. I’m telling a cat this!! What was I thinking! It is a good thing I was by myself… was very funny…would have made a great home video. Animals give us so much more than I think most people even realize. They are patient, loving, supportive and great friends. You cannot find another as loyal as a pet. I could not image the world without animals. So, here’s to you Trudy, for all the funny moments, the laughter, companionship, unconditional love and great conversations. We all know we talk to our animals, even if you say you don’t.And here are the words I said to her before she passed.” You will go to sleep and I will see you on the other side….so wait for me. I know your spirit will surround me always and you will be flower of bright yellow and orange. Or perhaps, you will be riding with the wind, or floating on a cloud. Where ever, you are now, I am with you in spirit Trudy2too, you are my “ROCK” ALWAYS AND FOREVER.  RIP ’till we meet again.Please join me in Trudy’s celebration of her life here on earth and  now her eternal life  in  heaven. I welcome you to light a candle in honor of her long lived life. Peace,Trudy’s Mom:

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