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Tia Baby

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Tia Baby

Your Pets Home: Sterling Heights, MI

Pet type: Dog

We rescued Tia and she was nothing but tons of joy to our family. She had a special bond with each family member and we each had different ways of loving Tia. Tia changed our lives and our hearts, we will never be the same. She passed away way too young. We only had the chance to spoil her for 10 short months and she passed unexpectedly. Our hearts are broken and the memories of all her cuteness fills us with laughter. I loved how your left ear was always up and your right ear was always bent down. I will miss our high fives, cuddles, playing hide and seek, how you played with your treats and loved to eat ice. Oh how I wish you could dig one more hole in the yard, run around with one more branch in your mouth, cuddle up to me one more time, follow me around the house and greet me at the door with so much excitement and love. Never will you be forgotten. Tia was the absolute smartest and best dog I have ever loved. You brought the family together with your unconditional love.

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