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Sweetpea Reed

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Sweetpea Reed

Your Pets Home: Long Beach Ca

Pet type: Dog

Sweetpea was definitely part of our family for 10 years she followed us everywhere watched while we ate waiting for table scraps loved her dog treats barked at anyone who wasn’t family she was very protective of us played slept and loved being around us and after our dad passed away she was there for us even more she sensed our pain and felt the loss as much as we did she was in his room while he ate watched TV read the paper and cooked after he passed away she didn’t like to be alone at all and always waited by the door until we returned a very loving loyal protective pet even on our walks right by our sides barked at anyone who talked to us we miss her terribly and I pray this gets easier it’s just so quiet without her here I do want another dog just like her and will get one eventually I just need time to grieve her I’ll just continue to reminisce and look at her photos and keep her memories close in our hearts love and miss you sweetpea we’ll keep you forever in our hearts thank you for 10 great years rest in puppy heaven 💙💚💜💔😢😢😥 🐕🐕🐕love and miss u sweetpea 💔

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