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Your Pets Home: Prefer Not to Say

Pet type: Dog

Miley was a great dog. She was born in 2006 and passed in August 2019. She always loved me no matter what. She was my companion. She protected me and cared for me just as I did for her. She never judged me. I remember the first time I got you. We took you to the rent house and you threw up on your first car ride. My favorite story was when I was young and playing on the driveway, she was with me and a stranger pulled up into the driveway and tried to sell some meat. Miley barked and scared the guy off. I also remembered when I skinned my knee, she would come to me when I was crying and she would lick my wound. I remember we used to jump on the trampoline together and go on car rides. I loved when you were little and we would play the bitey game. I\’d put gloves on and you would play bite me. I taught you how to sit and shake. I loved when we did Scooby Doo! Miley was afraid of thunder and fireworks. She never barked much and always slept through the night. I remember when your tail got caught in the door and it started bleeding. I was so scared for you. You loved to go on walks. I remember when we lived in my old neighborhood, you were so good, you would walk with me without a leash. We would run up and down the street and even when you got distracted you would come right back to me. I loved when you would put your head on my lap. I am sorry for the times I yelled at you but overall you were a great dog. I hope to see you in heaven one day and right now I hope you have a big bone to chew on and enjoying you life with God. 

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