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Freddreka Evans

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Freddreka Evans

Place of birth: Atlanta

Freddreka was an outstanding female she also was Gøøfy, Fun, Crazt,and Short. Growing Up was devastating for her. She Was In Foster Care until Her Grandparents Took her And Her Sister In. Freddreka was Also protected of herself, She Was always getting bullied in elementary school and middle at some points. Now She Flies In Heaven 👼

Funeral Notice Detail

Freddreka was Born on June 1, 1997  and Died on February 4, 2017. She Will Be Miss By All Her Friendsand The People who were there for her. Her funeral will be held at Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home, Inc. Be There and support the memory of Freddreka Evans.

A Memorial Service will be held at

Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home, Inc.

1003 Ralph David Abernathy SW

Atlanta , GA 30310

On: Feb 11, 2017 — At: 9:30 AM

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