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Q. What is the difference between an AMF support group and counseling?

A. Students of AMF chapters operate under a peer support model. That means that a college student sets up support group meetings and only undergraduate- or graduate-level college students are allowed to attend. AMF support groups are N counseling. Instead, they provide an environment where students who are facing similar grief-related situations can talk with, relate to, and provide support for one another.OT

Q. Does anything like this exist for high school and middle school aged students? Do you have chapters at high schools and middle schools?

A. Currently, we are specifically college-focused and do not have chapters at middle or high schools. A number of bereavement centers and camps for young people exist throughout the country. Refer to the Helpful Organizations & Sites section of our website for links to many of these groups.

Q. Can college faculty or staff initiate the creation of a Students of AMF chapter?

A. Our chapters are students-only attendance and, as such, each chapter must have student leadership. However, faculty and staff are invited to learn more about Students of AMF and to help recruit student leaders at their schools. Click here for more info about the process.

Q. Do you offer scholarships to grieving students?

A. We receive multiple requests a month from grieving students in need of financial support. And, while we wish we could help financially and we hope that we can one day in the future, we will have the finances to offer scholarships. We would love to help those of you who are searching for financial support to start up a supportive program on your campus to help you and your peers who are coping with similarly difficult situations. Click here for more info about starting up a chapter of Students of AMF.

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