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Christopher John Boyle Cornell

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Christopher John Boyle Cornell

Place of birth: Seattle, Washington

Chris Cornell was a rock icon who thrived on contradictions. An innovator who resisted genre labels, he was nonetheless a chief architect of the 90s grunge movement. Frequently ranked as one of the best voices in music history, he successfully maintained his own unique identity over decades as a multi-Grammy award-winning musician and universally acclaimed singer, songwriter and lyricist.

Chris was born Christopher John Boyle on July 20 1964 in Seattle, Washington. He was the second youngest of six children, and was the son of Karen Cornell, an accountant, and Edward Boyle, a pharmacist. He was of mostly Irish, English, Scottish, and Norwegian ancestry, with many of his mother’s ancestors coming from Canada. His parents divorced when Chris was in his early teens, and Chris and his siblings changed their surnames from Boyle to his mother’s maiden name. Chris said his mother saved his life when she bought him a snare drum. A week later he bought himself an entire drum kit and thus began his forage into rock n roll.

As a teenager, he honed his skills as a songwriter and musician by playing in several bands. He formed Soundgarden with Hiro Yamamoto, Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron in the mid-eighties. Yamamoto left the band was replaced by Ben Shepherd. Soundgarden were the first of the Seattle grunge bands to get signed by a major label during the late 80s and would eventually go on to become on of the most successful bands of the 1990s. Soundgarden were a law to themselves, edgy, dark and deeply individual. Their savage soundscapes, coupled with Chris’ incisive lyrics and predatory roar, seduced audiences hungry for musical depth and complexity, while leading trends in street fashion and iconic design. Their sound continued to change and evolve over the course of five pioneering albums. Chris also enjoyed success with several side projects, among them Temple Of The Dog and Audioslave.

Chris subsequently redefined his sound and vision to encompass new music, new collaborations and new activities. Having contributed solo songs to movie soundtracks from “Great Expectations” to “Mission Impossible II”, he became the first American male singer to write the theme song for the James Bond franchise in its most successful film to date, “Casino Royale.”

He was a two-time Grammy winner, with a total of 14 nominations. Sold over 22.5 million records worldwide with his band Soundgarden; over 1 million copies of the album ‘Temple of the Dog’ in the United States; over 300,000 copies of his solo debut, Euphoria Morning, as well as earned a Grammy nomination. In 2002, his new band Audioslave sold 3 million copies of their self titled debut album in the U.S., and their three albums have sold a total of 8 million records worldwide. As of 2017, his entire catalog has sold over 30 million records worldwide.

His last album ‘Higher Truth’ displays Chris’ constant evolution as a master songwriter, lyricist and musical craftsman telling human stories which transcend musical genres. Inspired by the stark arrangements of musicians like Nick Drake, Daniel Johnston and White Album-era Beatles, Cornell creates a musical universe unlike anything he has done before. His Higher Truth Tour was successful, selling out many shows in minutes.

Chris suffered from depression for most of his life. He committed suicide on May 18, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan.

He was a beloved father, brother, son and friend. He is loved and immensely missed.

*Photo Disclaimer: Photos posted here were screen shot by me from videos of Chris over the years. Therefore they are not copyrighted to anyone.

*Suicide Hotline: Chris supported the National Suicide Prevention life line. If you or someone you know needs help, please call 1-800-273-8255. The lines are open 24/7.

Funeral Notice Detail

Chris died on May 18, 2017.

A Memorial Service will be held at

Chris ashes were buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. , CA 90038

19 Responses

  • Morticia C. On

    As always thinking of you Chris. Thinking how different things would be if you were around. Be in peace.

  • Jenna Rose On

    A lot of people are leaving us the same way you left. I hope all these sad souls are no longer in pain. Thinking of you always Chris.

  • Olga Stewart On

    Today is an incredibly difficult day for many of us. It just makes no sense that you are gone, it still hurts like hell, and and it leaves a deep hole in the heart. You were an incredible person. No one was ever like you. And no one ever will be. But the music that you gave us is here. And it always will be here. So thank you for the incredible gift that you gave to us all. I also send you (Chris) both peace and love. And I also send the same to all of your loved ones. You will always be both remembered and loved. Rest both well and easy, Chris.

  • Jenna Rose On

    I miss you so much Chris. The world misses you.

  • Renee McKay On

    Always loved and never forgotten, loud love!!!


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