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HealGrief®, a social support network that is there when everyone else goes away, and the real grieving begins. Everything we do is inspired by our core belief that no one should ever grieve alone. HealGrief® provides the tools and resources to guide one’s journey with grief into a healthy personal growth.

Online Support

HealGrief® believes that those gone before us should forever be remembered. This extraordinary platform offers valuable ways to celebrate and honor your person. Whether it be a celebration of life or a candle to remember, we offer our online supportive services free of charge and invite you to explore ways that might feel right for you. And here at HealGrief®, PetsCountToo!

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Education and Awareness

HealGrief® takes the taboo out of death. Here, we recognize that support is a necessary component to one’s healthy grief journey and we are not afraid of having end-of-life conversations. Whether through our social media venues or in-person seminars and training, our community finds inspiration, hope and validation with their grief during their grief journey.

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ActivelyMovingForward® (AMF)

1 in 3 young adult age 18-25 is grieving their person’s terminal illness or death! Actively Moving Forward® (AMF), is a national network which supports, connects and empowers grieving young adults. Our young adults support one another and participate in community service in memory of their person.

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HealGrief® understands the benefits of additional support during one’s journey with grief. Yet, few know where to begin to find them. Here you will find a comprehensive database of resources to assist in your journey.

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The Loss Project

The Loss Project is a merging of psychology and photography, an artistic exploration of the human condition as it relates to loss. We understand that such feelings are normal, change over time, and are ripe for artistic expression.

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Understanding Grief

Grief is so often misunderstood. This misunderstanding often leads to a feeling of isolation and loniness. Here we normalize the emotions one might feel understanding that realations to your person are unique and so is your grief.

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A Child's Death

The death and loss of a child is frequently called the ultimate tragedy. Many argue, nothing can be more devastating. Along with the usual symptoms of grief, there are many issues that make parental bereavement difficult to resolve.

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Write an Obituary

Writing an obituary can be a difficult task. You may choose for your person’s obituary to simply be a notice of death with basic information or more personal, sharing heartfelt sentiments. Here you will find ideas on how to begin.

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Supporting Hands

When a friend you care about is grieving, it’s often difficult to know what to do or say — especially if you haven’t experienced similar grief. We’ve created some tips along with do’s and dont’s to help you navigate these unknown waters.

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Death of a Dog

TMany people consider their pet a family member. We give and receive deep affection, counting on their presence as a critical part of the day. So when a beloved pet dies, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of sorrow.

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1 in every 3 young adult is grieving their person’s diagnosis of a terminal illness or death.

Actively Moving Forward® (AMF), a HealGrief® program is a national network which supports, connects and empowers grieving young adults to actively move forward in memory of their person. Don’t wait, join now and get connected to others who understand the unique challenges for a grieving young adult!

For Young Adults

Here you can find more information and services specific and unique to grieving young adult.

General Inquiry

If you are a grieving young adult or someone seeking to support one, Actively Moving Forward® is here for you.

Supportive Professional

Support this often neglected group. Become an AMF Supportive Professional Council member now.

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HealGrief® is a social support network for people who are grieving, bereaved or for those just wanting to support them.
With an average of two people dying every second, we have the potential to serve the millions of those left behind.

As a non-profit, we are reliant on the generosity of others to maintain our services.
Please help us continue our work to ensure that no one should ever need to grieve alone.

Your participation also helps us attract and inspire strategic partnerships and foundations
to partner with us to further advance grief awareness and the need for grief compassion throughout the United States.

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